Brockville Tour

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Tour Details

Great spot for spring, summer or fall. It is a convenient and accessible location for people who live in eastern Ontario. 

Group size:
smaller groups up to 5

Larger groups up to 40

Johnny on the spot.

Terrain type:                               Mud bogs, pond and rivers

Adrenaline level:


What to bring:
Bug spray
Poncho or raincoat
Sanitary wipes
Healthy snacks

Save 50% with offseason and non holiday prices below:
$675 – 799

Scenery level:

Whats included:
snacks and water

Trip travel duration:
3-6 hours round trip
Stop off point as needed 

3 to 4 Hours

$ 675 Save 50% off during off peak times

4 to 6 Hours

$ 799 Save 50% off during off peak times